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Breastfeeding Support

Lactation Support

Getting off to a smooth start with lactation can be a challenge. It can also be tough to find support in the first few weeks following your birth. We offer individual counseling sessions to help families reach their lactation goals in your home. Our initial visit includes an assessment of mother/parent and baby, observation of a nursing session and a follow up plan for continued success. If further support is needed, we can refer you to the proper specialist.

Breast/chestfeeding benefits for mom/parent:
  • Promotes faster weight loss after birth

  • Stimulates the uterus to contract and return to it’s normal size

  • Less postpartum bleeding

  • Lowers risk for cancers such as breast and cervical cancers

Breastfeeding Royalty
Breast/chestfeeding benefits for baby:
  • Strengthens immune systems with unique baby-specific antibodies

  • Lowers risk for certain illnesses and diseases such as; ear infections, diarrhea, colds, SIDS, allergies, and diabetes

  • Ideal for optimal brain growth and gut health

  • Increases bonding

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