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Royalty Classes

Birthing Royalty

Birthing Royalty childbirth class provides you with tools to take with you in labor and birth. We offer evidence based information whether you are preparing for a homebirth or hospital birth. Class covers, stages of labor, comfort measures, pain management, navigating interventions, cesarean birth, birth choices and postpartum with mom and baby. Purchase one ticket for birthing person and partner.

Birthing Royalty
Breastfeeding Royalty

This class covers essential information on the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby, how your body makes milk, what an effective breastfeeding latch looks like, different breastfeeding positions, how to know if your baby is feeding well, and the basics of expressing milk. It also highlights important warning signs so you know when to call for help. Purchase one ticket for birthing person and partner.

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Comfort in Labor

Comfort Measures Class complements information taught in Natural Birth Series and is a great resource for couples needing extra practice or to learn how to manage labor and birth more comfortably. It's a class for first-time parents, those needing a refresher in labor coping skills, or couples wanting to expand their knowledge of comfort measures for labor and birth. Purchase one ticket for birthing person and partner.

Newborn Baby Care (coming soon)
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