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Hi Phyllis!
This is from Candace & Prince
Jan, 2021

Testimonial: I started working with Phyllis during my third trimester and the experience was great! This was my first pregnancy and I was educated and supported along the way. Phyllis is knowledgeable and personable which made an at times stressful, and anxious situation manageable and more peaceful. Phyllis made herself available to me 24/7. She went with me to the hospital, and took great photos of my child’s birth. Her post-partum care was second to none. I had very little experience with babies and she helped me improve breastfeeding, holding the baby with less fear, and even helped me around the house and watched the baby so I could sleep. Highly recommend working with her. You won’t regret it.


T’Hani & Jerris

Dec, 2020


I am a mom of 3. My first birth was a traumatic experience. I was in labor for almost 24 hours and after hours of pushing I ended up needing to have an emergency C-Section. My second pregnancy, 10 years later, I vowed that I would do whatever I could in my power to have a better birthing experience.


I started reading on the benefits of a doula and knew I had to have one. My birthing experience was immensely better and I had a successful VBAC. My last pregnancy, 15 months later, my doctor highly recommended I get a doula again to increase my chances of having another successful VBAC.


I interviewed a handful of people however, when my husband and I spoke with Phyllis we immediately knew she would be the one. She came over for our initial consultation and took her time to go over all of my wishes, answered all of my questions and went over all of my birthing options. Every birth is different so even 3 pregnancies in I still had several questions. She was very knowledgeable and super easy to connect with.

The day I went into labor she met us at the hospital with her suitcase equipped with everything a birthing mother could need. The various comfort techniques she used truly got me through every contraction I had, especially when they got really intense and I was ready to give up. She had different essential oils to help me naturally through breathing exercises and to help with nausea. Most importantly, for me, when I was ready to change my birth plan from no medication to wanting it she didn’t try to talk me out of it. She encouraged me and cheered me on for how far I came. It was the motivation I needed and I delivered my baby shortly after that.

She wasn’t there to tell me what to do but to be an advocate and support me through my wishes and needs.

She also stayed with us after delivery until we got settled into our room, helped me with breastfeeding and made home visits after we left the hospital to check on us and to answer any questions we had. This is extra support that I did not receive with my other births and it was very much appreciated.
It takes a special person to be a doula. I knew immediately just how much she loves supporting moms and families. Phyllis was able to educate, advocate and support my husband and I through our birth. We are forever grateful for her.

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